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AISD Show Team Rules
Alvarado FFA Barn Rules 

Below are the Alvarado FFA Facility Rules & Fees. 
Please read all the rules, regulations and fees associated with keeping a project at the school barn.

1.  All students will be on a 10 point system .
2.  Part of a students daily duty is in front of their pen (all the way across the aisle and into the pens next to them).  Sweep and pick                up what you sweep.  DO NOT sweep into another persons area and leave it or you will lose the point.  Students will be assigned a                  common area as a rotating duty.
3.  Students need to limit friends with them into the barn.
4.  Students will NOT be able to make up points, except on scheduled barn clean up days.  The day for 
the Fall semester are 10/18 and 12/7 at 3:30 - ? pm.  Students will only be able to make up 1 point per 
clean up.  This means students need to stay on top of their business!!
5.  Once a student reaches 0 points, they will be removed from the barn and will not be able to return for a 
calendar year.
6.  There is now a parent code of conduct at the end of the rules that must be signed by all parents/guardians 
and step-parents that may be attending the Alvarado FFA Ag Facility.
7.  Once a student gets to 3 points on their barn sheet, they will no longer be allowed to make up points.  
Remember, once a student reaches 0 points, their animal must be removed from the barn and they cannot 
keep an animal in the barn the next year.
8.  If a students pen is not cleaned out within 7 days of their last show, for the animal in that pen, they will be 
fined $100. This fine is in addition to the original pen payment.



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