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Alvarado FFA Stock Show Rules

Below are the 2017 - 2018 Alvarado FFA Show Rules. 
Please read all the rules and regulations associated with this show when considering to participate in this show.

ALL entries are due, with money, by Wednesday, November 1st!!

All money is due November 1st 2017. Please provide a cashier’s check, check or cash for the purchase of your project. See your Agriscience instructor for details. Read the following information carefully because there have been some changes.


Please Note: Whether you are paying in cash, check or with a cashier’s check, we need for the cost of the animal to be separated from all other costs. (Ex: Steer = one cashier’s check for the purchase of the animal and one cashier’s check for pen rent, validation tags, entries, etc.)


Steers Pen rent: $150 per feeding period

Lambs Pen rent: $100 per feeding period

 Goats Pen rent: $100 per feeding period

Pigs Pen rent: $100

Broilers Cost: Pens: Animals must be kept at home

Rabbits Cost: Pens: $50

For each project, the student is responsible for securing feed and ensuring the animal is cared for. Eligibility check will be completed for the 3rd Six Weeks grading period, December 22nd 2017 (the “No pass, No play” rule is in effect). If an ineligible student has a project in the barn, the animal will have to be removed from the barn by December 29th 2017, before the start of the 2018 Johnson County Livestock Show and Auction. You must be enrolled in one agriscience course to be eligible to exhibit a project.


Purchase of a livestock project(s) is NOT required of a student to be enrolled in an agricultural course or to participate in the AISD show and auction. Students may also enter Ag Mechanics projects or carious Youth Fair projects to be a participant of the show and auction. Each exhibitor must be a paid FFA member in good standing with their respective chapter.


In addition to the payment of the project, students need to turn in an entry form, a W-9 with student information, a signed show rule agreement, a signed animal health care guidelines, and a signed barn rule agreement (if the project is kept in the barn) to their ag science instructor prior to selection.



All Paperwork will be due on November 1st 2017. This includes:

· W-9 form

· AISD entry forms (ALL PROJECTS)

· Money for project(s)

· Money for pen rent (if required)

· Facility Rules signed by both the FFA student and parent(s)

· Health Care Guidelines signed by both the FFA student and parent(s)

· AISD Livestock Show and Auction Rules signed by both the FFA student and parent(s) 


Alvarado FFA Stock Show Rules Ashley Wedeman 6/21/2017 382 KB



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